Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rock Stars Heart John Robshaw!

I can't say who, because I'm discreet like that, but I've shipped quite a few boxes of John Robshaw to some of my favorite rock indie sweetheart loves mixing up cinde lavander with jala khaki...while another pair of married crooners dig diggi coral & blue trellis...considering the wanderlust prints and Beatles in India vibe it's no wonder JR is a hit with the tourbus set...which rock'n'roller's bedroom would you like a peek into?
ps - I've just marked down all the summer Stewart + Brown - only a few scattered sizes so I wouldn't wait long...


  1. thats not fair!! i want to know who!!

  2. I love John Robshaw textiles! Now my hubby and I can pretend we're not boring parents--we're cool like rock stars.

  3. Oh, that is so exciting. Now I'm sort of dying to know who the VIPs, fun.

  4. oh I have got this on my wish list too... It is so gorgeous!!

  5. Those photos are beautiful! That train image is right out of our trip to Jodhpur--amazing.

    Happy Birthday!


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