Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mindset List

Have you heard of the mindset list? It's a list of the cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of the students entering college in the Fall - It is totally fascinating and this year most of the college newbies were born in 1992...1992!! The thing on the list that caught my attention was this :
Nirvana is on the classic oldies station.
Seriously?  I graduated high school in 1993 so when these young whippersnappers were taking their first breath I was roaring through the school parking lot in my convertible blasting Nevermind, trying to appear terribly cool...when they were getting their diapers changed I was sneaking out my window in babydoll dresses, chokers & doc martens to hit a rave or Tripping Daisy show in Dallas...very Brenda Walsh meets Riot Grrrll
Boy, times have changed...although a look at current fashion means the 90's are back, no?  Long cardigans, lace up work boots, plaid shirts,'s all coming around again...or maybe, much like Nirvana they've turned into classics...
what were you up to in 92? I'm feeling a showing of Singles and a Siamese Dream spin coming on...
photo via Sassy (remember Sassy?)


  1. I was roaming around London in my baby doll dress, Docs and huge portable cd player during my junior year of college (gasp) feeling the angst and righteousness that only a 20 year old can!

  2. i was starting high school (which we attend between the ages of 16 and 18) and was so self-absorbed and dramatic! i listened to nirvana all the time and still believed i could change the world. are we really that old?!

  3. Um, do I remember Sassy? Good lord, I was never happier than laying on my bedroom floor reading that mag cover to cover. And the Brenda Walsh reference? Brilliant. I graduated in '92 and was most likely doing somethings I would not be proud to share with my own daughter. Ooops.

  4. Nevermind is still one of my favorites. Smells Like Teen Spirit was my ringtone for a long time until one of the women who reports to me said, "I've heard that song. It's like real old right?" She also wasn't promoted this go-round...

  5. PTkate - oh, the portable cd player!!
    islandfairy - I'm beginning to think, yes, we are that old ;) but at least we had Nirvana instead of Lady Gaga to listen too...
    Estelle - haha - me too! I left out the really naughty stuff I was up to...and Brenda - um...I think I still have her haircut...
    Lena - That made me laugh out loud!

  6. Oh the doesn't even feel like that much time has passed or maybe I am in denial. I graduated high school in 1994 and I remember listening to Nevermind for the first time in back of a Honda crammed with four smelly surfer dudes.

  7. Whoah...I am floored. I graduated in 93 too. I was blaring Nirvana and also Jane's Addiction, Pearl Jam, Mother Lovebone. Holy Smokes, that picture of Courtney and Kurt is insane. Do you remember where you were when he died? I do. The rebirth of flannel has brought back memories for me too. I also wore matte EVERYTHING was matte. I wore a matte wine color lipstick and this pale matte pancake makeup. There was also my boyfriend's ripped up jeans and my combat boots.
    I love Singles. Seriously....I could watch it over and over. But I also love Reality Bites. Was that the following year? ("Your dress looks like a doily") And Siamese Dream was my soundtrack to my freshman year in college.

  8. Another '93er here. Represent!

    Have you guys seen Brilliant blog on this topic, check it out!

    When I arrived at college I got some Fluevog Mary Janes and wore them with floral dresses. I wore an unfortunate amount of baby barrettes in my hair. I shudder...

  9. Sassy!!! Omg, I was at the store very month on the 15th to get that mag in my eager little hands. I had this issue too. I collected that magazine for years. Eventually I threw them out but I wish now that I hadn't!

  10. Wait, I'm still getting my mind around the fact that Kurt did a photo shoot for Sassy. This post made me laugh, I'm with you on this one sister!

  11. This photo makes me so sad. They looked so happy here.

  12. cc - I remember walking into a party and popping the cassette in and saying "you have to hear this song!"
    tina - I remember where I was and my first date with my hubby was a Nirvana concert! I didn't like Reality Bites cause I couldn't stand Winona Ryder (yea, I know...I'm the only one but I did love Heathers)
    Rebecca - going to check out 90's woman asap!
    Juste venteaux - I don't have my sassys but I do have my rolling stones with Nirvana on the cover
    Haydee - that is kind of crazy huh!
    Bianca - it's true - they look very innocent here too

  13. pearl jam's "ten" and nirvana's "nevermind" were on constant rotation on my cassette deck in my '87 Honda. i graduated in '93 too.
    there are many many pictures of me in full on 90s gear--those rayon floral dresses--babydoll or long length.
    i loved my sassys!!!!

  14. This is so bizarre... I was JUST asking some friends if they remembered Sassy and YM magazine yesterday. Great minds, right? Also, you just blew my mind with the college freshman born in 1992 thing! I was actually just going in to high school that year, and definitely in Doc Martens and baby dolls with Nevermind on the Walkman.

  15. i love this post.

    i was making mix tapes and headed to college and yes, singles was a fave (but i loooved reality bites)

  16. I am having a hard time admitting I graduated High school in '89!!! I was in college at this time totally sporting my "Kelly Taylor" look of a cute little sun-dress and work boots! All of my girlfriends would get together to watch 90210 and Melrose place! Very fun times!

    xo Kit

  17. i can't believe i am soo old...its nice to know we are the same age..lately i am surrounded by lots of these young hipsters and i feel so 'uncool'..but you know what i am happiest is that i ACTUALLY HAVE hand written love notes and mixed tapes made for me from past loves..can you imagine not having those..? i feel a post idea coming on..

  18. rikshaw, it makes me so sad that mixtapes are over and done with. making a cd is not at all the same--remember starting the tape at exactly the right second and planning out the order of the songs so that your compilation fit on each side? kids these days don't know romance!
    michelle, i am kind of jealous that you still have brenda's haircut. i remember going to the woman who cut my hair and asking for either brenda or kelly's hair every single time. unfortunately, my hair wanted to be more donna or andrea...


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