Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New, New, New!!

Super, super pretty new Virginia Johnson Scarves in Dahlia and more Camels in stock - Yeah!!

Unbelievable 24K gold dipped crystal necklaces by Laura Lombardi...

and totally hot iPad cases from Clare Vivier for all you fancy ladies...(I'm a bit jealous!)
Checkout all the new arrivals here...

ps - Dear Mr Wainwright, I'm very, very sad I won't be attending your show tonight but I've been listening to your entire catalog all day...your voice is simply gorgeous!...xoxo, M


  1. Love that necklace and love Mr. Wainwright too!!

  2. OMG (don't say that often, but) I Love Rufus Wainwright!

    xo Erin

  3. Eek! I want that Scarf and those Necklaces and I would gladly wear both with a white tee and skinny jeans to a Rufus Wainwright Concert. Haha. Just saying...

  4. that necklace and scarf want to live with me! i am sure of it.

  5. Those necklaces are off the hook. Super cool.

  6. You have a very inspiring blog! Love the scarf!


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