Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vanity, thy name is Michelle

In about 2 1/2 weeks I turn 35, which, I realize, is not nearly old enough to start lamenting wrinkles and grey hair...after all, I am the same age as Drew Barrymore so the idea of getting old doesn't seem possible, right?
But there they are, those wiry grays starting to sprout, the tiny lines wrinkling around my eyes when I smile...and generally, I'm cool with that...but.....after perusing the holiday pics from this past weekend I had a little moment, a slight hiccup in self esteem, a mini mid 30's crisis if you will...
so, here's my game plan to hit 35 feeling more Drew than drawn...

1. Do something active everyday - ride my bike, yoga, long walk, etc
2. Get a much overdue facial - luckily my favorite esthetician, Kristin, is running an amazing special for the next 2 days - hurry to take advantage of it here
3. Tame my crazy brows, which have been hiding behind my bangs long enough...waxing makes me break out so I'm headed to Christina at Blink for some threading
4. Avoid sugar like it's the plague (yikes, no daily ice cream break??)
5.  Get my hair did - inch long roots are not doing me any favors
6. Buy a REAL bra...I'm such a wuss about underwires but going from b to c to a over the last 3 years has my girls looking a little less than fab - oh, the sacrifices of motherhood - any suggestions??
7. Quit buying t-shirt dresses and invest in one cute "date" dress...Tucker, do you hear me calling?
8. Hit some pilates classes for my posture - the hunchback look has never been chic
9.  Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure and some short red fingernails
10.  Beauty Rest!! (this might be the answer to all my problems!)

Anyone want to join in?? I'd love some spa partners...August 9th is d-day! I'd love to hear your beauty secrets...
xoxo, M


  1. I love your list. All totally do-able. If I lived closer I would join you in the pedicure. Sounds like you need some personal time to refresh a bit. Schedule it all in. It's a must.

  2. So funny...I just turned 35 in May and I was feeling the same way. I also have always loved Drew. She has this playful glow about her. You list sounds awesome...but I can't give up my ice cream during tot's nap time. I go back to work in August, so I will have to give it up then. I love Aveda's hydrating face mask, btw. As for bras? I am well known amongst my gal pals for my bra advice. One word: Nordstrom's. The bra department there is SUPERB. Chantal bras are perfect for a petite fit. I love them.

  3. hi there! lurker here. i will be 35 next week and i have to say i do not like the thought of it. Look at Gywnnie. she's 37. =) i love your list. as far as the bra thing, you should go to a fancy bra shop and get sized and splurge on some fabulous bras. that is what I want to do!!

  4. I'll turn 35 in December so I feel your pain, girl!

    I'm seconding the Nordstrom advice. They really know their stuff; every time I stray and buy a bra elsewhere I regret it later. (One piece of advice: if you wear t-shirts all the time, like me, make sure to wear one and test potential bras underneath it.) A good bra makes *such* a difference. It's totally like losing weight without having to do anything. (Lazy me loves that.)

    Good luck on the rest of your list!

  5. Love your blog and love your list. I'll be 34 in November and if i lived closer, we could go shopping at Nordstrom, get our nails done...:-). I have a 15 month old an i'm still trying to get some beauty rest!

  6. well i have to say i'm with you lady.
    i'm 36, and in the last year have totally been "feeling it."

    i bought tennis shoes...YIKES...and have been walking a couple of times a week with some buddies + yoga

    about to book a facial and thinking of switching up my products a bit + going to splurge on one of those clarisonic bad boys...

    i'll join up on the no sugar thing. i've been wanting to do that for a while!

    we'll be partners in spirit since we don't live closer...


  7. ohh my are such my kind of i am 35 last feb..and gues what so is ANGELINA JOLIE!!!
    i have tackled this year doing so mnay of the same things as are my thoughts:
    -do laser vs. waxing or threading then its gone for it at a dermatologists office!
    -i got 'fit' for a bra too and nearly passed out and wanted to punch the sales lady when she said i have been cramming these things into a much smaller bra than i shoudl be!
    -i am using night cream and eye cream an dsunblock..finally dealing with sun damage!
    -i have invested so much in it..but if you really want to drop lbs (don't know if you do) and sweat then do boot camp ..i am doing it and virtually we can be in pain together!
    cheers to you and all your glorious 35 years!

  8. i'd love to do a pedicure or other feel good date with you. got my toes done for the first time in...erm, too long...last week and i admire them daily. best wishes for successful implementation of your game plan! and happy almost birthday!

  9. #8 "The hunchback look has never been chic" made me problem as well.

  10. i just turned 34 and am seriously considering printing out your list and sticking it where i'll see it everyday! i have been doing 20 minutes of yoga every morning before going to work and it's helping me A LOT. i haven't had a facial in a year, though and as for pedicures...don't get me started.

  11. Estelle - Thanks so much for the encourgement!!
    Tina - You always have the best advice ;)
    Andrea - Gwennie does look fab, bring on 37!
    Rebecca - Okay, scheduling that Nordstrom's trip...
    Stacy - we need virtual spa trips for everyone!
    Joslyn - love being partners in spirit and the next time I'm in Big D I'm calling you for a pedicure partner...oh, I have one of those Clarisonic badboys and it totally makes me break out - wah!
    Catherine - you rock! love all these - I tried a bootcamp earlier this summer (and bitched the whole time) laser, eye cream, need it all...whew!
    Rose - yes, let's go soon;) I think the last time I had one was back when we all went togther!
    CC - I need some awesome stretching machine to hold my shoulders back - yikes!
    islandfairy - yoga every morning sounds heavenly - keep it up :)


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