Friday, August 27, 2010

Off The Grid - Elissa Braun, Ebb & Flow

OffThe Grid
In this age of laptops, cell phones and Internet, it can be especially difficult to unwind and unplug. It's hard to imagine a simpler time, where stories were passed by word of mouth through generations and food was all prepared by hand. Fortunately, there are still parts of the world that allow us to escape from the modern day stress. I got a glimpse into a simpler life a couple years ago when I had the opportunity to visit Assisi, Italy. The stop was brief, lasting only a day, but the memories and spirit of that town have stuck with me in a big way. The ultimate 'off the grid' fantasy, for me, would be moving to Assisi and living among the artisans. I would spend my mornings walking up the hillside to my shop and preparing olive oil. And my afternoons would be filled with great company, indescribable good and even better sunsets. Oh, what a life it would be.
Image Source: Elissa Braun

Fall Must Have
When I think about Fall, the first things that come to my mind always seem to be fashion related, beautiful boots, fitted coats, layered tee's and the occasional scarf. While I, like most everyone, love these pieces for Fall there is one accessory that I have found to go with any outfit. You can fancy this piece up with an Autumn dress and tights or dress it down with jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. Any idea what I'm talking about? I'm talking about the perfect throw. Did I throw you off with all that fashion talk? (Pun 100% intended) Something about a cozy blanket just screams Fall to me, so I have deemed it my 'must-have item.' Now I just need some hot cider and the new season of Modern Family and I'll be ready.

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Elissa Braun - Ebb & Flow

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