Friday, August 20, 2010

Shameless Plug - Cabin Style

Next week we heading to a lake cabin with the fam and although the days promise to be warm enough to dip our toes in the water and soak up the sun dockside, I'm sure the nights will be crisp enough to remind us that Fall is right around the corner (or, since it is MN the possibility of snowfall in the next 30 days)...Luckily, Ace & Jig just landed at the shop so I'll be grabbing a couple of their super soft shirts and hoodies to keep me warm around their campfire...
For daytime I'll be living in my tee dress staple...perfect over cutoffs, swimsuits, etc it also makes an excellent nightshirt...and my Brigit Tank Dress is just nice enough to throw on for a jaunt into town

Beachside I can chill on my Nomadic Trading Co Sarong Towel - sarong on one side, terry on the flip, and toss on this aptly named Weekend Shirt when it's time to head in for lunch

Mornings on the porch call for wrapping up in a cozy Virginia Johnson Scarf - I love the new Raspberry Camels or if it's a bit sticky out I can throw my hair under a Lina Rennell Triangle Scarf

this Bosquez agate necklace will fit in perfectly with the surroundings...

and when I need to find an internet connection I can throw everything in my Fleabags tote and be on the road
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I've lined up some spectacular guest bloggers next sure to check them out!

ps - You + Me* (one of my absolute faves!!) has an amazing giveaway - a free photo session with Brookelyn Photography!! - happening right now - check it out if you aren't already a daily reader

pps - does anyone else have a weird aversion to swimming in lakes?  I need to be able to see into what I'm swimming in - yuck!

ppps - still sale stuff left at the shop and you can take an extra 20% off when you enter LEO at checkout


  1. I grew up trying to swim in northern WI lakes, but the leeches! The leeches! It *still* freaks me out...

  2. I can't do lakes either. I love to boat in them....but I can't swim in them. If the fish are nibbling my toes in the ocean, all is well. If it happens in a lake, I scream my head off!

  3. We go up to the mountains in NY every summer...I can see my feet in chest high water...hoping the same for you!

    xo Kit

  4. we don't have any lakes where i live and the first one i ever saw was when i was 18 and went for a holiday in germany. i couldn't believe people swam in those murky waters! having said that, i just love lakes. have fun!


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