Thursday, July 1, 2010

They're Here!

I know I already gave you a peek of Clare Vivier last week...but they just arrived yesterday and I'm really IN LOVE...the absolute softest...this messenger bag might have to be mine...the Bomber clutch is getting a lot of love from two of my biggest crushes (Joslyn & Alexis)...and I'm particularly smitten with the mini sac - all the cool girls have been sporting this style of late...

clare photos - clare vivier
bottom photo - who what wear


  1. that messenger bag is amazing!

  2. okay so I want the mini sac... so here is my thoughts {I am praying that my husband doesn't read your blog ;)}...

    I also praying that I get a little spending money for my birthday on Monday. If I do I am going to sneak into the bathroom on our little birthday getaway and order one on my husbands ipad. I have it all planned out.

    If I order it on the 5th could I get it by the 15th... I want to take it to France SOOOOO badly.


  3. Oh my gosh, these are so great!

  4. Alexis - you're adorable! I'm so laughing at the image of you sneaking off to online shop in the ladies something I would do :)

    K & H - Yes! Amazing & great!

  5. oh my!! i put that camp vivier tote on the blog a while back.. i'm IN LOVE!!


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