Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Current Crushes

Mates of States new album - Crushes - the covers mixtape from my favorite musical husband/wife duo
Check out a professional's (aka my husband's) opinion here for the best albums of the year so far...

Sangria Flora:
Make your own or head to Brasa

This Loeffler Randall Leopard Romper is already on my fall wishlist (yes, I do love Teen Vogue, seriously!)

Dear Gaby,
Oh I how love Tucker...I keep wanting to place an order for the store but I just don't have a place in my life for silk & chiffon - can you please make your lovely dresses and tops in cotton too? xoxo, M
 thoughts ladies?...I swoon everytime I window shop...

Okay, I give in, orange lips it is...off to buy a Nars red square pencil as per Jenna

Giorgia on my mind

this dress,  my size, please?

the color, the sleeves, the fabric...in person, this Layla top is just perfection!

words of wisdom...
via Milk
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I want one of those Tucker dresses but I am with you. I would wear it on one date night and on the way out the door I would get pooped on ;).

  2. i third you ladies on the tucker dresses.

    p.s. i keep begging christine to make her dresses in grown-up sizes ;-)


  3. Tucker by Gaby Basora is the the next Go International for Target designer...the collections are hit or miss, but I am excited for this one!

  4. Oh...I need that little black patterned dress! Like, now!
    I brought an entire book of Sangria recipes home from Spain...come on over, we'll make a few! :)
    I wish I could rock that orange lip color. With my skin color, I just look green. But that hair! I'd kill for that hair!
    And, I always need your music recs. Thanks again!

  5. ooook, that drinks looks awesome. definitely making it this weekend.

  6. Ummmmm yes to TEEN VOGUE!! Love it.

  7. Alexis, Joslyn, & Emily - Let's hope that the Target Tucker collection is made from cotton and not that funky chiffon they used for the grown up Liberty
    Tina & Caroline D - Sangria for everyone!
    Caro & Sarah - Isn't Teen Vogue sometimes better than the grown up version?


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