Friday, July 16, 2010

Mellow Yellow...

Yellow & Blue - the combo that kicked off my new yellow obession (love the camel belt too!)
The Sartorialist - via the excellent Sarah

an unexpected yellow door frame

Yellow Chair, Yellow Rocker

Jenna's Yellow Sofa
A smidgen of yellow in this gorgeous rainbow clutch 
via the lovely Domestic Reflections

Yellow Lucite

 yellow & pink (and look - it's my bike!)

and classic b/w & yellow...

What's your favorite combo these days?


  1. Thanks for the love on my post! Yes that color combo was pure perfection!

  2. I still have yellow paint on my arm from doing my daughters room. And the yellow door you show is my friend sara's. I am loving yellow with a little navy and turquoise (the room)


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