Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {20} - Catherine Fitzsimmons, Rikshaw Design

I really just adore Catherine Fitzsimmons, the multi talented designer behind Rikshaw...from her gorgeous bedding, baby accessories & new kurtas (I just ordered this one!) to her warm, witty & stylish blog, her hilarious and genuine personality shines if you aren't already a member of her fan club head on over to Rikshaw Design and check it out - her crib sets are beyond gorgeous! and now, without further ado, her lovely Everyday Obsessions:

In My Closet
tee- linen cotton tee from Jcrew..i like my tee's real loose usually buy a large..not into anything snugging.. 
jeans- j brand and usually distressed in some way 
on my feet- usually rainbow flip flops or matt bernson gladiators (so comfortable) 
accessory- my ray ban sunglasses..can't leave the indoors without them! 
jewelry- my matta bracelet.i wear as a bracelet or a necklace all the time..reminds me of india!
Beauty Secrets

skin- jurlique 
make-up- bobbi brown..don't ever wear it, even though i should but an everday ritual is YU-BE lip therapy..amazing! 
scent- diptyque

In My Home
walls- i don't have any fancy art work..but i have been coveting Hugo Guinness art for some would be so nice to have a bunch on a wall!
bedding- Rikshaw Design and i mix it with vintage quilts i have picked up along the way..i switch out my bedding every 2 wks..
flowers- i adore ranunculus, hydrangeas, and pink yummy jasmine..and i miss honeysuckle now that i am in california..
favorite design source- Blogs! e-magazines like Lonny..and travel..there is nothing more eye-opening
In My Kitchen
cookbook- ina garten..i will eat anything she says..her green goddess dressing makes me so happy!
gadget-the cuisinart mini-prep..efficient and small
15 min recipe- buy one of those cornbread pre-made pizzas at whole foods..grill it and throw some arugula on top..delish!
can't live without ingredient- cheese..i am a savory girl..cheese in any way: on salads, in the side dish, on a board, or fried..i literally couldn't live without it!
Pop Culture Extra Credit
on my nightstands- magazines and a pile of half-read books..(shhh--my mom will be so irritated!)
on my tivo- all reality tv on bravo..everything from top chef to Real housewives..and i am not embarrassed to admit it at all--classy aren't i?! ohh i am a CNN junkie
in my ipod- such a mix...everything from bluegrass to jay-z.. i am always playing tunes..and i am in love with jack johnson..i have multiple posts about him!


  1. Oh, love her obsessions. Especially, cheese and those crazy housewives. This is a list I could live with.

  2. love everything!!! so good!!! oxox! we all need to get together and play... don't you think?

  3. Love Catherine's list! I love Ina too and Jeffrey:)


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