Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Things...

The Bomber clutches are sold out but these are a yummy alternative - Clare Vivier Remake Clutch

I've restocked Laura Lombardi, must haves like the stud earrings are in as well as some new pieces like this amazing necklace...

My favorite end of season sale is happening at J Crew (an extra 30% off!!)..Here's my little ritual: I go to the sale on the website, choose my size, sort by price low to high and don't look at anything higher than $39...keeps me in line! I stock up for Lila next year and get a few goodies for me like this chino bubble skirt that I'm going to pair with tights and T strap clogs for Fall

and I'd be totally remiss in my duties if I didn't mention the new line Chance that has been heating up the blogosphere this week, I've seen it on no less than 15 of my favorite blogs and I stole this lovely collage from Haydee, but I have to give credit to my super cool friend Emily for knowing about before it hit the interweb :)
side note: my V.C.F. (very cool friend) and trend predictor in NYC says she'll puke if she sees another stripe shirt this summer - are we about to hit stripe backlash ladies??
Hope your afternoon is cool & lazy!
PS - don't worry - stripes are classic! they'll always be tops ;)


  1. everything about this post made me smile...but your jcrew sale shopping strategy. genius.

  2. I'm guessing stripes will soon be less ubiquitous, but like a crisp white shirt, they can never ever go out of style. My fondness for stripes spans my lifetime, but when I met my sailor of a husband six years ago it just all made sense. A summer without stripes could just never be summer to me.

  3. Hi. I just came across your blog and it is really cute. I need to chek out that clutch and i love the necklace. And..I hear what you are saying about stripes but I still love themn :)

  4. I still love stripes. Sorry but I do.
    Second...Totally have the j.crew chino skirt in not one but 3 colors. Bought two last season and bought one in (gulp) army green for the fall. LOVE THEM. Best travel skirt ever.


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