Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Style Stalker

A morning at the museum, surrounded by preschool set, one eye on L, one eye on the boy getting a little too feisty with the music paddles, when they appeared...across the room...tall, slim, impossibly chic...two women (not girls, these two) one in an oversize men's button down, an eclectic guatamalan shoulder bag...the other in a vintage Hermes silk shirt, perfect tousled bob...both with skinny but not tight jeans...I inched a little closer, examining the details as any style scout would do and then I saw them - not one but 2 perfectly matched pairs of camel Lanvin Ballet flats...but M, you say, Oh those...they've been around forever and aren't they kind of...boring??  so I shake my head and say no, not boring, just total. simple. perfection - the kind of shoe you'll throw on everyday and only get better with age...

Oh, by the way - they were French, of course!
xoxo, M

ps - your comments yesterday!! Really I was over the moon...y'all rock!! I so appreciate it, especially because I know how hard it is to make time to comment...I can't wait to have a minute to respond tomorrow and pack up your little tanks ;)

pps - if you are ever at the St Paul Children's Museum you can avoid the McD's by leaving out the front and heading to fuji ya for lunch - yum!

pps - This Store has some crazy deals on Lanvin - not many sizes left though...


  1. Of course they were French. And, I'm with you...they are simply perfect!

  2. Loving the whole outfit. Especially those AR Trapp's!

  3. Oh my gosh I want to look just like that!!


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