Friday, July 2, 2010

Red, White, & Willie

Happy Fourth Y'all! 
I'm going to listen to some tunes, take the new bike for a spin, eat lots of root beer floats, 
light up some sparklers, watch Lila ooh & aah at the fireworks
and, okay, I might go see that movie about sparkly vampires because my inner 13 yr old thinks Robert Pattinson is really, really cute...but you girls knew I wasn't that cool anyway...
what are your plans?
ps - I've been to one of Willie's shindigs and let me tell you, even for a native, 
a day in the July Texas heat is not what I'd call a picnic ;)



  1. sounds like a great line- up! love the willie call..i need to listen to some of him today!

  2. I think I might need to add some Willie to my 4th of July play list!
    And Pattinson? Swoon....
    But you know that about me...

  3. We were not planning on seeing Eclipse...but today we found a DRIVE-IN showing it. We're SO THERE!


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