Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Riding...

Is there anything chicer than a girl and her bike?

My new ride...
I wanted something a little more vintage but my since most of them don't come size "extra short"
 this Electra Townie was the best fit...
can't wait to outfit it with some cool accessories
I always love window shopping at Adeline Adeline
okay...I'm off!


  1. love that photo of grace and what a super cute ride you picked up! l-o-v-e the basket* xx, Jane

  2. Have fun with the new bike! The idea of owning one seems so glamorous to me. Enjoy!

    - Sarah

  3. If it's any consolation, I had a vintage (uncomfortable) bike and then rode my friend's Townie...Vintage bike went up on Craigslist and I started a fund for a Townie to call my own! They are just so fun to ride!

  4. So cute...have fun! I know what you mean by the short ride. I can't touch the ground when I am on my seat!

  5. i have a townie, too...and love it. just wish the weather out here in the pac nw would cooperate long enough for me to ride it!


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