Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Momday - A Little Bit of Magic

A few weeks or so ago we were on our way to the Mill City Farmer's Market, Sesame Street Silly Songs was blaring, I was managing the snack and entertainment duties when I looked outside my window and caught sight of a girl on her bike...cute cardi, ruffly tank, fantastic sandals, and short shorts to show off her toned legs...but the things that captured my attention wasn't her super chic style but the absolute look of satisfaction as she zoomed through downtown Minne on two wheels...
The next week, I waltzed out and bought this little number and have been gliding (well, sometimes huffing & puffing) around town ever since...however it wasn't until tonight that I really fell in love...L went to bed early, the hubs came home before dark and I popped on some headphones and took my baby out for a spin...dusk, the air, the music, the feeling of freedom and was just magical...
so here's to doing a little something for yourself on a Monday...
photo by Garance


  1. sounds like a perfect little ride. i need to do something like myself...on a monday. thanks for the push! :-)

  2. i am excited for you! i love my cruiser ..which i gave a name..bessie..its so nice to get that fresh air in the brain! i need to find a bike bell!

  3. glad to hear you're enjoying your new ride!


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