Monday, November 1, 2010


 What do these two pretties have in common? Well, I'd be a tad more excited about packing today if I had them to throw in my suitcase...(okay, I know I'm reaching here but it's Monday and I'm running on no caffeine)...instead I'm loading up old favorites - a stack of vintage dresses, some good jewelry, and scarves galore...(Oh Golden State, please be warm!) 
Lomography 35mm Gold Sparkle Fisheye Camera - via Erin, Wren Leopard Jacket - via Heather

Jen at Croissants and Rootbeer must be a genius - she busted out a stellar Hot Chocolate recipe for the Exchange today - which just might make my Monday a little less manic and a little more manageable...Big Kisses!!


  1. i have been so completely obsessed with that wren jacket. it would definitely cure the winter time blues.

  2. I'm glad you liked the hot chocolate recipe! I'm having so much fun reading all the posts for this great exchange!


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