Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello! After 4 Christmases in 3 cities I was wiped out and a week of unplugged was much too necessary...We are headed home today and even though it's back to tundra land it will be nice to settle into a routine and greet the New Year...speaking of 2011 with a new babe on the way I figure it might be a good time to go easy on myself and not make any resolutions...and luckily a diet isn't really in the cards right now ;)  a little detox, a little declutter, a lot of napping and relaxation are hopefully in the cards...and for you??
Happy New Year!
xoxo, M


  1. Happy new year to you and family, gorgeous! OX

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours Michelle. I have decided not to make any resolutions this year either...instead I'm going all new-age. Just kiddin' but I have decided to make a couple of commitments this year. A little different and much less harsh on my little ego.
    Hope you arrive home to the tundra safe and sound.

  3. What a holiday season you had. Happy new year to you.

  4. Thanks so much Michelle for your support of my labor and delivery! I thought number 2 would be a breeze and maybe it will but I didn't expect to be so nervous about it! But as you well know that darn natural birth hurts like the dickens! I love your blog Michelle! SO inspiring!


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