Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Recipe Exchange Wrap-up

Aren't you curious what you use this pan for? Go visit Estelle at Under The Pink Moon to find out the ridiculous goodness she cooked up for the recipe exchange (I hate to play favorites I have to confess a big girl crush on Estelle and her blog)
A HUGE thank you to all the lovely ladies who participated!!!
Here's a wrap up of the entire schedule:
Nov 22 - Torrie - a place to share...
Nov 23 - Michelle - Pretty Mommy
Nov 26 -  Stephanie - scrumptious

Nov 29 - Tina - Bull in a China Shop
Nov 30 - Cee -  Advice Gals
Dec 1 - Emily- Big Moon Sky
Dec 2 - Jess - Shades of Sunshine
Dec 3 - Danielle - domestic dish

Dec 6 - Go to Girls - Go To Girls
Dec 7 - Jessica - Civetta,
Dec 8 - Katie -
Dec 10 - Sharon - I Can Totally Make That

Dec 13 - Chassity - Look Linger Love
Dec 14 - Rebecca -  Reluctant Floridian
Dec 15 - Rali - Styles ‘n Cream
Dec 16 - Estelle - Under a Pink Moon

I'm off...super swamped, lots of shipping, a mall trip looming and only 4 hrs left of free time - WHEW!! How's your holiday madness going?
Speaking of shipping - there's still time to order something from the shop - get your orders in by Saturday morning and I will do my darndest to get them to you asap - I finally have some Clare's in stock - la trops, clutches, camel & navy mini sacs, and poppy messengers are ready to ship!

xoxo, M


  1. Awe, aren't you the sweetest? Well the girl crush goes both ways little lady. And can I tell you how envious I am that your farmer's market has an aebelskiver stand? That is so cool!

    Hang in there today.

  2. Whew! What an exchange it was. Buckets of fun. Thanks for coordinating! x

  3. Madness over here as well!! Thank you for coordinating. I've been horrible about linking up this time around... had no idea how hard blogging would be while being extremely behind for the holidays this year!

    But I do have MANY recipes bookmarked (thanks to your daily links:), so thank you again!!


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