Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This week has seen 80 + degree days out in Cali and negative temps in the Midwest...of course all the warm weather denizens want White Christmases and the snow bound northerners dream of beach weather...so, if you had your druthers where would you spend the holidays?  With a palm tree festooned with twinkling lights or a sprig of mistletoe and a roaring fireplace?
I think we all know which one I'd head off too (ahem...top picture please with a heated swimming pool or a ticket to HAWAII - Santa????)
Hope you are all having a lovely December no matter what the forecast brings your way...
now I'm headed over to wish one of my favorite blogettes - Rebecca of The Reluctant Floridian (now coming to you from LA) a very happy Birthday and check out her Vinaigrette recipe for the Exchange!
xoxo, M
images via The Brick House & Joslyn's Pinterest - Can you tell how much I love using Pinterest?


  1. This will be our third year living in warmer climes (first two in Florida, now Cali), and that first year we made the trek to Wisconsin to see the in-laws. Never again. My husband and I love our families, but we love our mild winters a little bit more. The new deal is: you can come to us from November through April, otherwise we don't travel to arctic locations!

  2. I am a cold weather gal myself...unless I am on a beach. I like to travel to the beach and go home to the cold.
    I am having trouble navigating through Pinterest! I truly love it, but I can't seem to devote the time to figure everything out!

  3. I would have to say that I am a warm weather gal... I lived in Boston for one winter and it almost was the end of me...

  4. I would take the beach any time of the year but Christmas. I am praying for some snow next week ...

  5. where i live winters are mild (we only started wearing light jackets this week!) and at the grand old age of 34 I still have never seen the snow. so i'd choose a white christmas and colder temperatures, for sure.


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