Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Reminder...

 Looking for some last minute gifts (or maybe a treat for yourself?)  A few things you might have missed at the shop...
Oh, and did I mention you can still take 25% off your order by entering "holiday" at checkout?? What are you waiting for? Monday is the cutoff for Christmas shipping (except for express delivery of course)!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead - we are headed to The Nutcracker and then our Minnesota Christmas with the inlaws before we fly off to the warmer climes of Texas...a week without snow boots, parkas and mittens sounds like the best present ever!!
How is your weekend shaping up?
xoxo, M


  1. Have a fun weekend! Hope Miss L loves the Nutcracker as much as I do. Also, should anyone ever contact you looking for a gift for me, everything in the above photos would be fine.

  2. have a fantasic weekend lady!

    oooh that le trop ;-)

  3. Just discovered your blog and LOVING it...from a fellow mommy with another blog...happy to have found you!:)-Jen


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