Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Clutch of Clutches...

A new selection of clutches just arrived from Clare Vivier...that crackled vintage is mine if someone doesn't snag it this week...foldovers above and flats below...

and if you needed a bit of inspiration here are a few in action via Jeana Sohn and Heather Taylor (okay, yes I'm a bit obsessed with their blogs, eh?)


 Jeana's Clare collection, Simone LeBlanc with blue, Deborah Kaplan's yellow lovely, and Heather switching between bomber & blue...

 and speaking of super cool girls, one of my faves Jessica of Civetta whipped up the absolute best sounding deviled eggs for the Recipe Exchange today...now I just need a party invite and I know what to bring!
xoxo, M


  1. one of each please! oh and i think i've been remiss in not saying CONGRATS on your second little girl! how awesome.

  2. Love the clutches, especially the blue!

  3. just bought my first clare bag from your store! can't wait to get it. Next up will be one of these clutches once I figure out which color I want. I'm kind of obsessed with those blogs too, :)


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