Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {22} - Sarah Hendler,

Last month, when I was in LA, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite blog buddies for lunch, the super cute and cool Sarah Hendler (think preppyish Zooey D with a great bob)...Sarah's an east coast girl who's been living on the west coast for the last decade working in film and also happens to be married to star chef Vinny Dotolo of Animal.  While Lila's early bedtime kept us from checking her hubby's culinary skills (which I hear are amazing!), Sarah happily shared tales of their gastonomic adventures over a plate of yummy hummus and soup...I'm anxious to make a solo trip to LA and check out all her favorite spots, feast at Animal and hit her up to be my shopping buddy for a the meantime here are some of her Everyday Obsessions - Thanks Sarah!
In My Closet:
tee - J Crew tissue T in a v-neck (a size bigger then normal. Better to be loose)
jeans - Levi's
on my feet -LL Bean's leather blucher moc.  I might live in LA but my heart is all East Coast. 

accessory - I am known for swinging a nice bag on my shoulder.  But most are gifted or from consignment (PRADA anything).  Bottega Veneta or I go super simple with anything in canvas.
jewelry - I love jewels.  Most of the time I have something antique/vintage.  Always a bracelet, necklace or if nothing else small studs.

Beauty Secrets:
Skin - Shu Uemura products.  I am one of the many followers of the cleansing oil.
makeup - My one must have,  travel around the world, anytime of year is: bobbi brown bronzing powder.  I have been using it for years.  I can't find anything better for my skin tone.
scent - jo malone french lime blossom for summer/fall and then anything else jo malone for the rest of the year.  Her rose scent is the best at night.
In My Kitchen:
cookbook - two dudes one pan!!!! of course!
gadget - french press by Bodum  and my juicer by Breville.
15 min easy recipe - Poached Eggs with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  Ezekiel Muffin.  Mucho protein.
can't live w/o ingredient - Maldon salt.  
walls - A Mark Ryden( my husband's).  Our bedroom has a "parlour" style wall of most of our collected art.  So fun to wake up/go to sleep and look at everything.
bedding - john robshaw (thanks Pretty Mommy!)
flowers - Whatever McGrath family farm has fresh from the fields at the Beverly Hills farmer's market. Lavender, wild flowers, sunflowers...
favorite design source - empiric in Los Angeles. 
Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my nightstand - ipad, usually a flower or some leaves from outside in a vase , candle, and a little table light from Empiric.
on my tivo - east bound and down, modern family, 30 Rock, and Oprah.  I am a sucker for a good belly laugh and needed to see her favorite things!!
in my ipod - schulyer fisk (one of my BFF'S) and any old school A Tribe Called Quest.  I always mix it up.

Run over and check out Sarah's blog and then hit up Katie at the 30 girl to see what she's cooking up for the Recipe Exchange...
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, M 


  1. Um, wow. A Tribe Called Quest reference? That brings back some choice college memories. Think I'll be making a stop to itunes today. Thanks for the great list.

    And amen to a solo trip to LA. So on my wish list for next year.

  2. My husband gave me a book of Mark Ryden's work and a set of his cards last Christmas and they have been on my inspiration board all year.

  3. I love this series.


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