Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's always next Christmas...

to make mini bundt cakes for all my friends, a fruited wreath for my front door...
(via frolic & Oh Joy)

little succulent Christmas trees, a vintage photo wreath

and a beautiful advent calendar...

5 More days and I think I'm putting a fork in it...still a few presents to buy, but the cards are in the mail, we've already tackled "christmas" with the Mr's family, and now I have to pack for Texas and two more Christmases so I'm calling it a day on crafting and baking...aren't these all lovely ideas for next year though? 
So what say you? Are you still plugging away? Taking a break? Ready for Detox? or a drink?
I'm headed to a Winter Solstice party tonight with some of my favorite ladies so here's to longer days & shorter nights...
xoxo, M


  1. Wow, that all sounds a little overwhelming. Take some time for yourself and that baby you are growing. And please remind us of all these good ideas next November. I'll never remember but I want to do that photo wreath and that succulent tree. And speaking of succulents...your lucky number came up and I'm got a photo for you. Send me your address whenever you get a chance and I'll pop it in the mail after xmas. We leave for Ojai tomorrow and I'm a mess of packing and blah, blah, blah. But I'm so excited you won! Thanks for visiting and being such a supportive friend.

  2. those succulent "trees" are adorable. i'll put that on my "next christmas list" as well.

    i'm still plugging away. i wonder when i will ever learn...? possibly never. i just purchased new champagne flutes and plan on popping a bottle of champagne as soon as my girlies are down for their nap. and no, i don't care that it's 1 pm on a tuesday. it will make "plugging away" so much more fun!

    have a wonderful holiday. =)

  3. I am with you I have a large Pee Wee Herman sized fork in it.

    Now I am ready to relax and enjoy.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas... this will be the last one of just you 3!

    us too ;).

  4. Ooooh, I know! I'm so happy you're as taken with those cute little succulent trees as I am. A happy and a merry to you! It's been such a treat getting to know you through our blogs! x

  5. I am still baking, candy making, and changing my mind about everything as usual! I'm a bit of a scatter brain when it comes to holidays..

    Stephanie- I like your style :)

    ...and "pee wee herman sized fork" has got me cracking up!!

    RElAX! You and that little babers need it :)

  6. I love these! But definitely for next year. I'm with ya sister, time to put a fork in it and relax with the family. ;) Merry Christmas!

  7. Those little bunt cakes are amazing and I LOVE that wreath. Merry CHristmas

  8. I'm already fantasizing about what I can put together for next year!


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