Friday, December 10, 2010

Want, Need, Wear, Read

It's starting to get to that crazy, crunch time where the good holiday cheer starts to fade and the present buying panic sets I thought I'd share a little gift list mantra that my mom instituted a while ago that has helped ease the overspending/overstressing that can happen in the last few weeks of December...
Something you want...
Something you need...
Something to wear...
Something to read...

Last year I asked many of my favorite bloggers for their lists but couldn't quite pull it together this time around so I want to know what your want/need/wear/read list would be...tell me and I'll post some of my favorites next week! What's on my list? Want - Heath soup bowls (a good mix of french grey, linen, and matte brown would be lovely, no?) Need - practicalish snow boots for the million inches we've had this year (12 more this weekend forecasted - wah!), Wear - monogrammed PJ's - I've had my eye on this pair for ages, and Read - Shamefully I don't have Time For Dinner yet but could also use another clothbound Penguin Classic to add to my collection...

also wishing for more time to cook up some of the fab recipes from the exchange this week...
and the week's recap:
Dec 6 - Go To Girls - Enchilada Soup
Dec 7 - Jessica - Civetta - Deviled Eggs
Dec 8 - Katie - The 30 Girl - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dec 9 - Kim - Lighter & Local - Snickerdoodle-Eggnog Cookie Pies

Happy weekend!! xoxo, M


  1. love your mom's mantra. writing it down so i'll remember it. thank you.

  2. thinking about it... and there is NOTHING I need. i am one lucky woman.

  3. want: some vintage pasta bowls (I recently lost my beloved vintage pasta bowls from my husband's grandmother. I'd love to find more to match the 2 I have)
    need: a new nude bra and a pair of cozy slippers
    wear: does new bedding count?
    read: Time for Dinner...santa better bring it!
    Send some of that snow this way please!

  4. I have those j.crew boots. They are good. I know I live in LA but I do travel to snowy destinations!
    Sarah x

  5. Want: Comme des Garcons wallet
    Need: new drinking glasses
    Wear: skinny jeans that aren't too skinny for my pear-shaped body and a pair of Toms
    Read: a subscription to People (I read books too, I promise!)

    Your mama's a smart lady!


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