Thursday, December 9, 2010

Current Crushes

Always crushing on Caroline Rogers of It Looks Good To Me fame  and I LOVE the new outfits and baby bump she did for Pretty Mommy (plus, without even knowing it, she chose an outfit I've been wearing practically every day - Stewart + Brown hand knit sweater, James Twiggy Jeans, Fleabags Soda Bag in Lipstick, and No 6 buckle boots)

 Feather wreaths and Succulent wreaths

(via ? & Tracy)

 My all time favorite calendar updated for 2011 and a new favorite astrology one

and the yummy new Virginia Johnson scarves at the shop (only 3 Camel scarves left!!)

also pretty yummy - Kim of Lighter & Local's Snickerdoodle-Eggnog Cookie Pies...Oh, how I love the Recipe Exchange!! xoxo, M


  1. I noticed the new baby bump and meant to say something. Absolutely adore it. What a creative and fabulous idea.

  2. goodness, i do love your taste....maybe because it's exactly how i want mine to be when i grow up! i definitely need to stop by more often. did i read that you live in minnneapolis? we moved from the twin cities 6 years ago and i miss it so much...freeeeeezing cold and all! maybe our paths will cross one day? xo t


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