Friday, January 7, 2011

Things that make me say Ahhhhhhh....

 All my faves...flesh, champagne, gold, pale pink, coral...I just want to move right in...

 drink some forbidden pink cocktails

 wearing this amazing ring by Low Luv
via Emily

and a crisp linen tux jacket from Emerson Made

Hope everyone has a soothing weekend ahead...
xoxo, M

PS- If anyone has the secret to keeping your house clean, being on time, not fighting with your significant other, not letting your kid watch too much tv and getting them to listen to at least half of what you are saying, running a business, and making dinner on a nightly basis I could sure use your help...just sayin...whew!


  1. Everything is so pretty. I adore the striped bag in the Emerson made photo.
    the secret to all is... kidding, I don't know or I'd be doing myself. Have a great weekend.

  2. Pink+cocktail? Sign me up! I'll raise a glass for you! :) ANd the ring is pure loveliness.
    As for secrets to perfections (LOL) I know you were kidding but books on CD from the library are a big hit at my house right now! (If Ihave to hear Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel one more time though I might go insane). And that Time For Dinner Cookbook by the Cookie editors has been AHHSOME. I love their tips for little things to get done on the weekends.
    Have a great weekend. Hope the bump is good?

  3. I love those cocktails! The secret to doing it all is to have your significant other make you pretty and delicious "mocktails." Then everything else will fall into place. ;-)

  4. I have failed miserably in all of these categories this week... and I don't even have my own business! In fact, while I sit here and read blogs, my kids are playing the Wii, which I finally broke down and let them get (as a gift from my MIL).

    But if I learn the secret, I'll be sure to share it! :) (because next week, things really do need to get back on track)

  5. please DO share any tips you get with us! i'm struggling to keep up myself. have a great weekend!

  6. i think we are all hangin' on by a thread and that's the secret that no one shares... we all feel overwhelmed... and yet for the most part we are all doing extremely well. at least that's what i try and tell myself. personally, i'm trying to enjoy all the twists and turns and pirouettes as i hang on to my thread. makes me think of this

    notice she lands on her feet in the end.

    have a great weekend!

  7. Many deep breaths. Remember you are also growing a baby and that pretty much impacts EVERYTHING around you. So try to ease up on yourself. Let the house be messy, let the little one watch one more show and maybe schedule yourself a little nap, if possible.

  8. That white/cream living room is gorgeous. I can see my two little boys getting it very dirty, however! :-)

    Laura in ludwigsburg, germany


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