Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet You There?

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Okay, friends...I've have about 3 more weeks that I can travel before it's lockdown for me and baby to original plan was to make a quick NYC/Boston trip to see my besties but honestly the thought of going from cold weather to cold weather is making me drag my feet a bit...sooooo, why don't we all meet up at the Ace in Palm Springs? Don't you need a quick getaway...somewhere warm, wear caftans, do some thifting, drink some cocktails poolside (I'll just fake it)? C'mon...
Hope to see you there...
xoxo, M

ps - Seriously, I'm not kidding! Feb 5/6thish? Feb 12/13th?? grab your best gal pal or your baby (ahem Jora & Ann)! let's plan it - we can still be spontaneous, right?


  1. I would LOVE to meet up! Of course, I would have my babe with me (she still is with me wherever I go.....) but I promise to leave the older monsters with daddy!

  2. I'm in! Nick is in LA right now and I am trying not to be bitter. I'm due for a few nights out, perhaps I will combine them for a weekend getaway!

  3. yes, bring your babies or best gal - let's make it happen!!

  4. So fun! Wishing my parents were not in town that week! Have fun. Michelle the weather alone will bring a big smile to your face! It will literally warm you up. sarah xx

  5. I am so jealous! I can think of nothing finer than meeting some fabulous gals in the warm sun....

  6. if i was a LITTLE closer i'd pop over...i was just telling my husband we need a getaway before no. 2 makes an appearance. i don't think crossing the atlantic is quite possible right now though. :-/

  7. your facation idea sounds fab and is right around my birthday! am i allowed to invite myself? cani volunteer to be the poolside babysitter? i'm great with water games and do a mean ariel-little mermaid- impression:)

  8. This sounds so great right about now (we just got 19 inches of snow!). I blogged about dreaming of Palm Springs yesterday! Wish it was a shorter flight. I'm going to try to make it to The Art of Exchange this year. I definitely need a Palm Springs fix.

    Have a wonderful time if you do end up going.

  9. so, so tempting...if you girlies made it march i might be able to pull it off!

  10. sounds fab. see you there. =) just a quick hour drive for me!

  11. I will be there on the 12th for my grandmother's 75th Birthday come by and join the fun..
    The drink of choice will be a yummy Bloody Mary. My grandmother's favorite : )


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