Friday, January 14, 2011

And The Award Goes To...

Ahhhh....Friday! Who else is excited about the Golden Globes this weekend?  Considering I've only seen two of the best picture nominees (The Social Network - really loved and The Kids Are All Right - A+++ for the hotness that is Mark Ruffalo but I really didn't need to spend the other hour watching other people argue) I'm in serious danger of losing my film buff status.   So before Sunday I'm going to try to cram in a rental of Inception and a viewing of Black Swan & The King's Speech...any recommendations?  and then there's Somewhere & True Grit...did I mention that The Town was super, super good?  Also, can't wait to see Mr Hamm, the rest of the Mad Men cast, Natalie Portman's tiny baby bump, cutie pie Michelle Williams and my favorite new man crush James Franco...and of course the gowns, the gowns! (I wonder how a pregnant RZ is holding up?)
Who are your favorite nominees??
xoxo, M

Ballet picture via Nikole
in honor of my newest neighbor - little Clara born yesterday and dubbed the nutcracker baby by Miss L

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  1. Watching more movies is a HUGE goal of mine for the year. I really want to see the Social Network and Inception. Loved The Kids are Alright.

    No recommendations, since I'm just as behind!

  2. Yay, I look forward to the globes and oscars every year. Social Network and Inception were so good. It'll be interesting to see who wins but I think it's between Social Network and Black Swan. Congrats to your neighbor on her baby Clara. Have a great weekend.

  3. First off, is Renee pregnant??? Ditto on Mad Men cast. Highlight for sure. Saw All Good Things with Ryan Gosling so now all I want to see is Blue Valentine (not nominated I believe). With u on Kings Speech and Black Swan. Ricki will be a great host on Sunday!! Xo wb

  4. somewhere was...thumbs down. did i tell you that already!?


  5. You are waaaaay ahead of me in the movie viewing category but I can't wait to watch the Globes. And RZ is definitely going to be in her living room with Joey and Rog "dying over how insane Deb and Annie look." haha.

  6. Just saw black swan. Intense but good. Swan costumes by Rodarte. Awesome. True Grit is amazing on the big screen. The fighter is the best! See that one. I literally have seen almost all of them. Even Gwennie in country strong! Have a great weekend. Stay warm. Xx

  7. I'm going to see the Social Network tomorrow :-) My fav movies of all time are Thomas Crown Affair, The Life of David Gale and The Shawshank Redempion. My fav movies are all here:

  8. That photo is amazing. It may as well be a painting.


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