Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stripes Ahoy...

 I may or may not have bought these lovelies...I'm not fessing up...but maybe, just maybe they might be headed my way...and when/if they show up on my doorstep I will be a very happy girl...
the lady & the sailor henley, no 6 buckle boots, J Crew Lighthouse Cardi & Stripe Dress

 and how ecstatic is Madewell's spring lookbook making me?? Wowsa!  I'll be snapping up that skirt for some post delivery pretty...

 and as far as my current state of pretty goes I'm finally heading in for cut and color today...since studiously unkempt seems to be my modus operandi I'm loving Freja's tousled do...thoughts?  (Freja - good name huh?) and I finally shimmied my way into a couple of new maternity jeans (although I still think maternity & pants are 2 ideas that should never cross paths...) -  Gap Denim leggings (comfort level - B+, low rise - yikes!) and Gap Always Skinny Jeans (comfort level - B+, full nude panel - weird, constantly having to hike them up - yuck)
Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday!
xoxo, M

PS - I almost forgot - We just marked down tons of goodies in the shop!! Matta, Stewart + Brown and more - great deals AND you can take an extra 25% off when you enter "wintersale" at checkout - WHEW!! Click here to view the SALE section...


  1. Love these pieces (and your blog)! Please keep these posts coming, I'm heading into my 3rd month and soon I'll need some maternity wardrobe inspiration :)

  2. I am addicted to stripes and can't believe I hadn't seen that Jcrew dress yet--it's gorgeous!

  3. love the little gifts to yourself, each and every one of them. enjoy!

  4. the striped top and cardi are perfection. hope they brighten your day when (or should it be 'if') they arrive. ha!

  5. I swear if I buy one more striped top my husband will leave me, but this one might be worth it. It looks so soft and comfy.

  6. That haircut is fabulous. You should totally do it.


  7. Some great picks here. Love those little booties. Ah, the full panel maternity pant. Not my favorite memory from pregnancy. But you do what you must to get through. Hope you are having a rockin good hair day. Fresh from the salon is the best. I remember crying in my stylists shop when I was 7 months and saying just try to make me look pretty. Pathetic but true.

  8. I had the same problem with the Gap jeans. I finally started waring a Be Band from Target over the elastic waist band of the jeans - solved the problem. It's a little annoying to have a double elastic waistband (isn't one bad enough already!) but less annoying than continually hiking my pants up :)


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