Monday, January 31, 2011

Bubble Gum...POP!

I had this whole deep thinking post in mind about how this was the year I was really embracing being a "grown-up" (because 35 seems to be the time to stop calling yourself a girl?) it was sexier, easier, more confident than your giddy twenties and how the women I was really interested in/inspired by were a little more complicated, had a little gravitas, were raising families and being honest about the life they lead while still managing to keep an edge of glamour about them...but then 13 year old Hailee Steinfeld showed up at the SAG awards in this bubblegum dress by Prada and suddenly this looked like a lot more fun, no?  It also ties in nicely with a conversation I had with my sis-n-law this weekend (who has a 13 yr old) about who girls can/should admire these days...if Miss Steinfeld's performance in True Grit and sartorial run this awards season are any indication, she's definitely one to watch!
xo, M


  1. I think this is my first comment, but I've been reading for awhile and love the purchases I've made!

    Finding real role models for young girls these days seems to be such a challenge. Everywhere we look young girls seem forced to grow up too quickly and are sexualized by the media. It all seems so tough these days - was it like this when we were kids?

    I'd love to read about who you come up with.

  2. I loved her dress too!! I have seen her interviewed many times and she is posed and professional. It's nice for a 14 year girl to look and act like a 14 year old. Bravo to her parents!

  3. O.k. so there are a few deep thoughts here...role models for young girls...I don't even know where to start. I'm such a pop culture junkie and almost nothing makes me more nervous about Emerson growing up that the awful influence pop culture will ultimately have on her. It's gross and sad. From Disney princesses to teenage starlets. And then the issue of feeling like a grown up. Good lord. I'm almost 37 and I honestly feel like I'm just starting to get this grown up gig. And is is pathetic that meal planning and cooking for my family is the activity that solidified it for me? Oh well. Happy Monday, Michelle.

    P.S. Can't stop picturing you with your Andre Aggassi poster. =)

  4. So many things to say here, but need to SHUT it down, to get to an apt!!

    I totally still want that post about growing up... as I am right there with ya (35 swiftly approaching this March) -

    but regarding young role models, it's another huge topic of interest, since Hailey's 7, and in LOVE with the usuals... Disney divas, Taylor...

    We watched a fantastic interview on Taylor Swift and I actually wouldn't mind her as a role model for Hailey one bit- super sweet, talented, down-to-earth, generous, and very family oriented. It's the teen Disney & Nickelodeon shows that worry me (and that I limited as much as possible).

  5. isn't it funny how one dress can change a mind set? :) I'm sure we would all love the original post too, if it is still in the works!

  6. That dress is perfection! I think it could work on any age really. I love it so much. I just turned 30 and I am trying to embrace being a real "woman" now instead of a girl too!

  7. lots, and lots to think about!! I think I'm going to have to expand this to a full blog topic...disney princesses, teenage starlets, oh my!!

  8. This post resonated with me on many levels -- I've been thinking about upping my sophistication quotient and been thinking about setting my girls up for success with appropriate role models. There is a new book out on this topic by a born and bred Minnesotan, Peggy Orenstein, called "Cinderella Ate My Daughter." I haven't read it yet but have read other books and articles by her and she is a great writer.


  9. The dress definately works for her!! And plus, it's nice to see some color on the red carpet!

    Happy Monday Darling!


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