Friday, January 28, 2011

Major, Major Sale - 50- 70% 0ff! (plus a little sneak peek)

Knowing that ridiculously awesome pieces, like this one from Lizzie Fortunato, are on their way to the shop for spring makes my little heart go pitter patter...

and that also means saying goodbye to all the gorgeous F/W lovelies that are this killer bag by Fleabags...but the show must go on so all markdowns are now 50% off or more!! (and when you spend $150 + take an additional 25% off using "wintersale" at checkout...
Happy Weekend friends!!
xoxo, M


  1. My very first purchase... a :) day!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Are you restocking the Matta Baby Dupata scarf?

  3. Hey Michelle! Just read your response. Total bummer! I've been eying a baby Dupata for on son for ages...I could just never make up my mind on the color. That's what I get for waiting!


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