Monday, January 17, 2011

Nat & Annie

What's the point of writing a fashion leaning blog if I can't dish about awards shows, eh? So let's get started... First, can we say pretty mommy?? Natalie just blew me away - so, so lovely...(and I saw Black Swan this weekend - whoa! a little bit trashy, a whole lot of creepy, and really fantastic costumes!)
(ps - I'm realizing that there wasn't a lot of love for this dress but I'm sticking by my first impression, maybe a slight case of pregnancy comraderie)

 and then Annie in fleshy shimmery sequins and that back...WOWSA! (You know Rachel Z was at home freaking out with Rog)

 I think Michelle would have been just perfection if they had tweaked the bust line of this dress a bit but who cares when your hair and face look this amazing - she just glows.....

 and Of course I'm crazy about the color of Claire's dress but the real stunner is that ridiculously awesome bracelet, right??
Who were your favorites of the night?? Ricky Gervais had my jaw on the floor, belly laughing all at the same time.....
Happy Monday!
xoxo, M


  1. Um, yeah, Claire Danes killed me. I died. To quote someone we both love. I was laughing all weekend thinking that you too were concerned about RZ . Also, I loved J. Lo's dress. Looked like it would feel really good to wear.

  2. claire danes always seems so classy inside and out. thought her dress was stunning too.

    i really liked olivia wilde's dress. i know it was probably too much, but that's what i liked about it. as someone who got the chance to wear couture only once in my life (my wedding,) i always enjoy the beautiful ball gowns... and i'm a bit obsessed with sequins right now. and brown hair. and bangs.

    happy monday!

  3. It did look comfy & pretty(and I secretly like J Lo) - I loved all the long sleeves too - Leighton, Angelina (hoping that's a trend that will trickle down) and the great,pretty greens...I hope Rachel doesn't go into early labor over awards season mayhem!!

  4. Natalie is beautiful but I'm conflicted. That thing on her dress reminded me of the embellishments section of the sewing store. AH's dress was so great, I think my fave of the night.

    I drive by the Beverly Hilton all the time and I kept noticing trucks and trailers and thought, "OK...something is going on." Googled it, and then, "Hello, they are setting up the Golden Globes!" This LA thing is still so weird!

  5. Loving Anne's hair/make up and dress too. I think angelina jolie killed it in that green versace number! And tilda - i love her brand of fashion extremism. xo

  6. Stephanie - yes, Olivia looked beautiful!!
    Rebecca - my car broke down once in front of the BH (axel broke and couldn't move it) during rush hour and let's just say people were not please with me...I think about that every time I watch the Globes...ugh! Yeah, Not everyone is feeling the love for Natalie...but I thought she just looked super duper glowy in the pink...

  7. O.k. I take back what I said about J. Lo. I only saw the cap last night. That I loved. I'm a sucker for a cap. Just saw the full length and I'm not so into the dress. And Angelina looked amazing in that green. I'm also hoping for the sleeve details to trickle down. Always love a good sleeve.

  8. Heather - yes, Tilda looked super - was that Jil Sander (I love the versions with the super bright skirts, no?)

  9. Agreed for the most part. My girl Michelle had me totally sad. Did not get the daisy's..and I know it's Valentino. But, with the hair etc..not great. I also second the Olivia Wilde. My sis in law thinks, "too much dress" but that girl is GORGEOUS and can pull it off. Did you see her shoes? Yellow studded Christian Louboutins. INSANE. Under that dress. A little something something. Hot.

  10. I'm with Stephanie here.
    Loved Olivia Wilde's dress. Here simple hair and make-up make it sparkle... and not overdone.

    I'm surprised about the bad rap Natalie's look is getting! I thought she looked lovely, but maybe it's because I have a ton of empathy for her- having to walk the carpet while expecting!

    And Anne- Woooooooow.

    Love daisies, but didn't love Michelle's dress.

  11. kyra sedgewick !!! and angelina !!!! hot hot

  12. Nat was my fav of the evening too as well as Ann. Although I was drawn to J-lo's outfit too, I loved it yet didn't at the same time.

  13. Let's talk men...First off, other than a flash of him getting out of a limo and 3 secs during the show, there were NO INTERVIEWS with John Hamm. I was bummed!! Ryan Gosling looked lovely in Tom Ford was it? Missed seeing George.

    I was a little little down with the ladies to be honest. Michelle Williams could never beat that canary dress she wore with Heath at the Oscars but she would have done a lot better than the flowery dress, I agree. I was so-so with Natalie. A little too cute for me. And Angelina was stunning one of my favorites.

    How about January Jones? Seriously? And then she speaks...ugh. It did not go well for me. And not so crazy about Tilda.

    Loved the color and elegance of Claire Danes but she usually looks great.

    I did like Scarlet though. Her hair a bit too much but a pretty color and cut of dress.

    I could go on...but those were the highlights. Ricky was crazy funny but left a lot of uncomfortable spots. And the acceptance speech from Robert DeNiro felt odd. Never like when those are on the prompter.

    Looking forward to the Oscars and definitely have to see Black Swan, Blue Valentine and King's Speech.

    xo wb

  14. LOVE Anne Hathaway's dress, and Natalie's too! Helena Bonham Carter was genius, in wearing one red shoe and one green...I love how she does not give a crap. Wish we lived closer, so our girls could have a playdate!!xoxo

  15. For me it was Eva and Catherine.

  16. Am I the only one who thought Mila Kunis looked amazing? That emerald green dress was pure gorgeous - better than Angelina's IMO, but I'm always a fan of emerald green for eveningwear.


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