Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ALT- ternative Apparel

Good Morning!! So many of my favorite bloggers are flying off to Utah today for the Alt Design Summit and even though I'm sad that I'm not trekking out there (conflicting schedules with the Mr) I have to say I'm a tiny bit relieved that I don't have to dress to impress for the next 4 days...packing for winter/snow while trying to look uber cool just throws me for a loop...however I couldn't resist a little virtual shopping inspired by a mishmash of my favorite interweb goddesses
All hail the hipster design queen...last year you could spot her fishtail braid and Warby Parker frames a mile away but now she's sporting a cool pixie a la Michelle Williams/Emma Watson...Stripes are her permanent staple and the girl's not afraid of color so she's mixing it up with a poppy Clare Vivier Messenger, a giant stack of dull Diamond bracelets (ahead of the pack as always), a nordic hat for the chilly mountain air and a nod to the heritage trend with some cool Madewell Ring Boots...

Sitting next to her on the panel is everyone's favorite mysterious sophisticate...She has the sexy bangs and ombre hair you've been dying over all season and is dressed in tones that perfectly match her minimal swedish inspired decor...fending off the cold in a J Crew lighthouse cardigan, The lady & the Sailor drapey tee, and Virginia Johnson Zig Zag scarf...she always sports a serious piece of jewelry (today it's a Dream Collective crystal mountain ring) and is planning to hit Sundance later with her Clare Vivier foldover clutch and No 6 lace ups to catch the latest art house fare...

Have fun ladies!! I'll be staying in (below zero temps today - ackk!) and dreaming of a warm weather weekend later this month - anyone want to have a mini Alt 2 in Palm Springs in a couple of weeks? I'm game!
xoxo, M


  1. You forgot one. She's not as cool as these ladies. She's the super preggo one who insists on continuing to wear her favorite coat even though it barely zips over her belly. Thank goodness for leggings with tunics and scarves. I think I've managed to avoid maternity wear almost entirely this time. I'm so sad you won't be there!

  2. Don't tease me with Palm Springs. That's just not nice.

  3. I want every piece from the second look, especially the No.6 lace up boots!

  4. I love these posts - so inspiring! thank you x

  5. yes, I will meet you in Palm Springs! let's talk dates and times... let's call it the alternative ALT! (we can meet up each day at each of the mid-century shops and REALLY get inspired!) - can't wait!

  6. love both of these. these days i'm impressed with myself when i get into a pair of jeans but one day these outfits will seem more attainable! (right????)


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