Monday, January 24, 2011

A Splash of this and a Dash of That

Friday night, kid in bed, hubby in Vegas, tivo exhausted, I thought I'd have a little pity party and scan twitter for all the goings on over at Alt...caught a little link "Best in Up and Coming Blogs" and scanned the list for some new reading material - but lo and behold there was my goofy blog (maybe a typo? but I'm assuming the dear, lovely Joslyn was responsible for the mention)...I really wanted to run outside and turn a couple of cartwheels but the -5 temps were a little daunting (and I'm pretty sure that gymnastics and pregnant bellies are a little off limits?)... if you're checking out the list (oh so many of my faves and new ones to discover) here's a little snapshot of what's cooking over here:

Pretty Mommy Cocktail:
Take one slightly frazzled mommy
2 cups unhealthy obsession with fashion
1 heaping helping of 3 year old hijinks and 1 baby on the way
Some good tunes courtesy of the mister (heavy on the cute, indie rock boy variety)
Long Hair, Bangs, Red Nails, and a little leopard print
a bit of good design with a pinch of tacky
a pitcher full of pink
1glass of champagne when no one is looking
2 tsp homesickness for Austin, TX and 3 tsp bitching about Minnesota Winters
A generous TBSP of inspiration from style muses Sofia C, Joslyn, Garance, LA girls HBT & Jeana Sohn, et al
muddle with Lots and lots of love for all my fellow blogettes
throw in a busy little boutique*
shake, stir, stay up too late watching Tivo then wake up at 6 am with a little miss and see what happens...

xoxo, M

images above: a few things I never get tired of: anything by Banquet and esp her new gold heart print, simple & pink plank chair, Willie and Texas nights, a well packed suitcase, an armful of Dream Collective bracelets, a modern icon and an artist's muse...via pinterest

*since this is already a totally self indulgent post I might as well mention my shop, full of things I love, mostly designed by women (with one cute boy - John Robshaw - in the mix), mainly made in the USA, and a healthy dose of sustainable products - whew! - a few highlights - handbags by Clare Vivier, Organic clothing by Stewart + Brown & Lina Rennell, jewelry by Bosquez, Dream Collective by Kathryn Bentley & Laura Lombardi, Virginia Johnson & Matta scarves and lots of other fun goodies...


  1. Of course you belong on that list...and I can say "I knew her when..." =)

  2. Here is the thing you, your blog is amazing, and it is in my top 5.....You need to realize what a talent you are....You deserve this...Truly a joy to read, new friend....xoxo

  3. blushing, blushing, and blushing some more - y'all are two of my faves as well ;)

  4. congratulations!! i think you already know how much i love your blog and shop! ;-) p.s. i love following you on pinterest too.

  5. the beauty of having your own blog is that you're allowed to be self indulgent :)

  6. woohoo! i saw the list also. very cool indeed :)

  7. YOU are a rockstar. Rockstar diva design blogger Michelle. Yep. So happy for you.
    P.S. that Pretty Mommy cocktail belongs right permanently on your blog. LOVING it.

  8. Michelle, you're so silly! Your blog is lovely and so are you and your tastes (we share more than I realised...not just one girl and another baby on the way!). I love your cocktail btw!

  9. so glad i just discovered your blog...congrats on being on THE LIST! :) very well deserved! can't wait to read more...


  10. It's your awesome blog! Go ahead and be self-indulgent!

    (PS I feel your Austin homesickness right now - too cold in NYC for my blood, can't imagine how you survive!)

  11. You know you're one of our favorites. We can't think of a better addition to the list!

  12. Congratulations again lady!

    (I'll take one of those cocktails anytime, maybe 2:)

  13. Congratulations. Love the cocktail!

    Jacy Grais

  14. love this post and the pretty mommy cocktail. (and my youngest was named after willie's version of georgia on my mind.=)

  15. love the recipe! congrats on the list - wonderful blog you've got here!

  16. Thanks so much for including us on this amazing list. Also, love your shop. So many things to covet.


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