Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Current Crushes

 My entire spring wardrobe in one fell swoop - Oh Steven Alan you get me everytime...

 Kanye bakes? Why not??

 Heath + Commune = yes, please...
via Nadia

Do you ever feel like that kind of parent? Glad to know I'm in good company...
love these snaps of John, Yoko, & Sean in Japan...

my favorite new pants (hey, they have zippers at the bottom - that qualifies as not sweatpants right?)

and if it has to be winter for 3 more months at least I can aspire to this...
photo by Garance

Happy Wednesday! xoxo, M


  1. I have those unsweat pants too and love them. Be careful though where you sit, they tear very easily!!

  2. Yes, I totally feel that way. I envy (in a good way:) those that are able to play with ease!

  3. The sweatpants are a take on the Isabel Marant sweats from last spring, which I love. I'm sure they are incredibly comfy!

    By the way, I love the Steven Alan looks too...especially the military poncho and the Selma pants. The Rosalie top and Mercer pants are also KILLER!! Can't wait for spring!

  4. thanks for reminding me about go out sweats! they are the new non-sweat pant. i have a pair but have been to nervous to brave them for go out wear but i guess i just have to go for it.

  5. aahhh Steven Alan has such an incredible aesthetic. Some lovely numbers there. Agreed with pam about the military poncho!

  6. I can do projects (play with art supplies) or bake something but just using my imagination with dolls and stuff..not so much. My attention span is a challenge. Oh well. Love the sweats with zippers. Quite chic.

  7. i could wear that little Steven Alan dress every single day. beautiful.


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