Monday, May 24, 2010


Our camping trip was rained out, so Saturday night we fired up our projector and watched The Young Victoria on the "big screen" there really anything better than a well done period romance?  Beautiful costumes - check, heartbreakingly cute boy - check, intelligent acting - check...Loved it!  The hubby, of course, rolled his eyes and then was firmly engrossed in the story line...teehee...I think he loves these movies almost as much as I do...What are your favorite costume dramas?
PS - I love our little moviemate projector - you can even watch it outdoors for your own little backyard theater! (we found ours on ebay for a steal)


  1. I have been coveting a projector since last summer! I need to look on ebay.

  2. Loved this movie too - and so did my man... it really was the whole package. Beautiful.


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