Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, Momday - Pretty on the Inside

Hello lovelies...did everyone have a good Mother's Day?  For you mommies, wasn't it nice to take some time and feel special?  It reminded me how important it is to take care of yourself in order to be a good's so hard to be compassionate & engaged when you're sleep deprived, cranky, and feeling while most of this blog is dedicated to more superficial pleasures...(seriously, cute shoes can lift your mood!)...I'd like to rededicate some time to my inner pretty mommy, if you will...would you like to join me?
 I'm starting small so here are my two goals for the month...

1) A little more sleep - I napped with Lila on Sunday and it made a huge difference in my attitude so I'm hoping to hit the hay by 10:30 this month...we usually burn the midnight oil around here and it makes mornings a bit crabby

2) Rediscover my yoga practice - that whole mind, body, spirit thing has been seriously lacking in the past year...I'm less stressed, more present, healthier, and generally a better person when I hit my mat on a regular basis...(plus my jeans fit better!) and who doesn't want that...

What do you do to take care of yourself? Want to set some goals with me this month??
I'll check in next week and see how it's going...xoxo


  1. I work out, take time for myself, and make plans for date nights with Hubby and Girl's Night Out. My goal in the next month involves purging. I need to de-clutter badly. It's just toxic having all this crap!
    Glad you had a great mother's day.

  2. Hi - I have GOT to get back into running, it's slipped from my life for lots of reasons and the effect is dire! Not bodily as much as mentally - need those exercise endorphins to see the happy side! L x

  3. Love your blog and your excellent taste! Tres chic. You've inspired me to brush up on my sewing skills so I can make beautiful clothes and toys for my 7 month old daughter...Btw, are you on Twitter yet? If not, please join!

  4. will you come over in the morning and please drag me to yoga? I am with you... I need to find my center... badly!

  5. Before having my little Lea 3 years ago, I practiced Yoga 3 times a week and needless to say I haven't touched a yoga mat since. How does that happen? Now I know why they call them 'mom jeans". You pretty much forget about taking care of yourself (with some exceptions) when you become a first time mom. The experience is so incredibly enchanting that the ego tends to lose it's place in line.
    So time to dust off my yoga mat and rediscover Namaste. And yes, more sleep! There is no better beauty secret in the world than a good night's sleep and unfortunately i'm a night owl too...


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