Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outer Sunset

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I spent 36 hours in San Francisco this weekend and took the redeye home Monday morning so I'm still feeling a little groggy, a little heavy and totally behind...I needed a little break on Sunday so I ran over to Outer Sunset to check General Store and it totally lived up to my expectations!! So lovely, a lot like Spartan in Austin...and owner/artist/girl crush Serena Mitnik-Miller was there...really I was too shy to say what a huge fan I am and just ogled her pretty scarf, army jacket, granny boot!

Right next door is Trouble Coffee Company...I grabbed a delicious oat bar (yes, an oxymoron but it was so yummy) and tea but it seems the thing to get was coconut water in the shell...I adore the old boot doorstop they were using...

Then I headed around the corner to Mollusk Surf Shop...picked up a cozy hoodie, some tees for Miss L and Chris...they have some great stuff online - I love this swimsuit (although I can't be sure I actually love any swimsuits) tote, and tee...all in all a lovely outing to a part of San Fran I've never visited...

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip. Remind me to tell you a funnie abut me drinking out of a coconut...


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