Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pin It Forward: What Home Means To Me

I'm so excited to participate in Pin It Forward today - a super cool collaboration between Victoria (aka sfgirlbybay) and Pinterest, this great new website that lets you bookmark and catalog all your favorite finds on the web...the theme is "What Home Means to You" can see more inspiration on my pinboards and the complete blogger schedule here...thanks so much to Nichole of Little Brown Pen for passing the baton to me and be sure to check out Mellombel's without further ado...

Growing up as a military brat, the idea of getting attached to a place was as foreign as some of the cities we lived in...but despite the nomadic upbringing we always managed to keep Austin as our home was and is the place I feel most comfortable and I truly have an obsessive love affair with the city...we're always hoping for a way to move back...

Funny that the house we live in now in Minneapolis is the longest I've lived anywhere - and as a stay at home/work at home mom of a toddler it sees plenty of action....
Days spent baking, feasting, picnicking in the garden, spinning tunes, swanning about in vintage kimonos...okay a bit of a fantasy, but you get the picture...hmmm....the reality needs a little work...we never really planned on living here quite so long so our poor little bungalow hasn't quite gotten the attention and decoration it deserves...some help might be required!

Colorful clotheshound seeks Design Darling to tame chaos and clutter into calm, cool and collected...penchant for pink, poufs, pillows, prints and the two Johns (Robshaw and Derian)...small budget but a treasure trove of resources including basement dwelling thrifted tchotckes...must work around pint sized, pigtailed princess and persnickety husband...but will be rewarded with positive praise, pots of tea, and goodies from my garden...pppplease? Xoxo, Pretty Mommy
PS - Photo credits can be found on my Pin It Forward pinboard


  1. Lovely alliteration. ;)

    BTW, where did you get those amazing crates you're using in the garden. LOVE.

  2. wonderful post! i particularly like that texas-shaped waffle that you found. too cute! i really want to visit austin someday soon.

  3. lovely post!! thanks so much for participating! i long to see austin! :) v.

  4. I've added Austin to my wanderlust list solely based on your love of the place! And your alliteration is quite impressive my dear!

  5. Great pieces! I love all the amazing photos.


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