Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Working Girl

New desk chairs? Yes, No?

 Yawn!!!! After a morning of packing, shipping and ballet class I'm ready for a nap...but before I doze off I thought I'd share the next little step in my office/bedroom remodel project (is this interesting to y'all??)  You can check out phase one here and below is our freshly painted wall in a fleshy pinky brown and my new desk and shelves - YEAH!...I can't tell you how nice it was having them installed instead of the usual cursing teeth gnashing experience that our do-it-yourself projects have gone...now I'm excited to keep it all clutter free and organized via some goodies from Russell & Hazel (lucite riser, collator, & smart deck calendar - my absolute favorite because it's giant enough to write all your to-do's and let your tot scribble) and lacquer boxes at West Elm...

doesn't look exciting yet but coming along...

Now head on over and visit Carina of Nonchalant Mom fame who's talking about Cacao Truffles for the Recipe Exchange...she also recommends this Citrus Kale Salad for those who are on chocolate overload after V-day...personally, I'm recommending the new Super Sky skirts in her shop - too, too cute!!
off to snooze!!
xoxo, M
ps - thank you so much to everyone who takes the time and energy to leave me such lovely comments - I'm woefully behind in returning the favor...just a bit in the weeds (as always!)


  1. there is seriously nothing i love more than pretty office things...or organizational things! i say yes on those office chairs!

  2. I say yes to the office chairs provided that you don't want wheels?? I love a desk chair with wheels because I can float between tasks a little easier then... Sal

  3. I LOVE that top photo. Where is it from? You must be so excited for your new office space. (the chairs rock btw)

  4. I am in lust with those office chairs...and you *know* how I feel about Russell & Hazel! ;)

  5. Oh, I'm loving the office sneak peeks. Keep 'um coming. Nothing like paying a pro to do a job the right way the first time around. =)

  6. Love your shelving and desk. We are looking to get rid of our bulky (Ikea!) desk, and I think this is a fantastic idea. We're not cluttery and don't want a desk with tons of compartments, drawers, etc. I'm saving this for inspiration, and sharing it with the Mr. later. =)

    Keep us updated... please!

  7. the office is looking totally fantastic...

    and those leather chairs...YES!!!!

    oh and all that green in your latest post is totally gorgeous. man i love green.



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