Monday, February 14, 2011

a LOVEly weekend...

Good Morning and happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!! I'm sitting here rocking out to newly minted Grammy winners Arcade Fire (isn't it amazing when great bands actually win??). How was your weekend?? I'm on a bit of a buzz because we hit 48 degrees in MPLS yesterday and went for walk, dodging puddles and listening to the heavenly sound of snow melting off our roof...oh the little things! AND I had a lovely date night with the MR at Bar La Grassa where I indulged in antipasti, primi, secondi and a small glass of bubbly...(believe the hype - BLG is pretty rad).

With Chris at shows Friday & Saturday night I had plenty of time to peruse all the goings on at NYFW - and while my infatuation with fashion is decidedly on the wane my obsession with personal style and REAL clothes is definitely a permanent love let's talk about this pretty lady in green and her Clare Vivier ipad case...good right?

I heart the little pops of color here - esp that blue ring!

and if I was tall I'd be totally into this Annie Hall/Bag Lady looks...although I can't decide if Jenna Lyons looks a little off kilter - I am crushing on the red/peach combo...

and it looks like Steven Alan will be populating my closet from spring into Fall...SWOON!
okay - off to check out Tina's paella for the recipe exchange - sounds like the perfect thing to share with your sweetie!!
xoxo, M


  1. i've had a crush on the YSL ring for quite some time. it's such a great signature piece. hope you're having a great valentine's day!

  2. Awe, look at your little lovie. She's a little Valentine herself isn't she? So glad you got to indulge in some warmer temps. I won't mention the temperature in San Francisco on Saturday. Cause that would just be mean. Enjoy every bit of thawing out.

  3. I am pretty obsessed with the color green, so I especially love those photos! (Although I think the one of your daughter probably outshines even the green... ;) )

  4. happy valentines sweetie!! hope you are doing well... how far along are you now... must be getting close... no? oxo

  5. That is such a cute picture! Hope you're having a great Valentine's Day! xo

  6. Happy day of love Michelle! That is one adorable little tot! Hope you had a great day.

  7. First, adorable photo of your little Valentine! and congrats on the warmer weather. I was a little down on the Grammy's too (well, still am), until Arcade Fire won...


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