Tuesday, February 22, 2011


images & collage via Unspooled 
Does all the fashion week goings on in NYC & London have you wishing to inject a little Fall 2011 into your current wardrobe?  Well, one of my best friends, the brilliant Kat Bhandari, has just started a kick-a blog called Unspooled which chronicles the best of the runways and has the most genius feature of breaking down the trends into affordable etsy & ebay finds...
It's been years since we lived in the same city and I could shamelessly knock off her style so I'm excited to be able to do it virtually...Congrats lady! Consider me Unspooled's number one fan ;)

and mark me down as J.P. of C'est la Vie's newest fan...oh lady, how you make me swoon whipping up Huevos Rancheros for the Recipe Exchange - that coupled with her fantastic style almost makes up for the fact that she lives in LA where winter never rears it's ugly head...
okay! we are off to yoga & ballet - hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday ahead of them...
xoxo, M


  1. Oh...you are just too sweet! Thank you! I love your blog and your shop. :)


  2. That, in fact- might be tonight's dinner. Looks delicious, as was your couscous (made it last night, to pair with Moroccan chicken)...Mmmm. (Looking forward to the leftovers :).

  3. That blog sounds really cool, will head right over there...

  4. Thanks Michelle! & right back atcha re number one fan :)
    I am going to make huevos rancheros this weekend thanks to you. Since we can't just head over to Magnolia's and get them whenever we want.


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