Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Positive Vibrations

image by Cannelle & Vanille (does anyone take prettier pictures?)

February is when I start to get a little little Texas girl heart says that spring is just a couple of weeks away but the Minnesota reality just sneers and says "Spring? you'll be lucky to see green grass by May!" So I tear at my hair, beat my chest and call a travel agent...(okay, working on those Palm Springs dates...thinking late Feb now)...But when a getaway isn't in the cards here are a few tricks I have up my sleeve for my fellow snowpacalypse survivors...

Of course, you need some tunes to set the right mood...It seems serendipitous that Bob Marley was born in February - just the month that I seem to play him nonstop, Toots and the Maytals are a much needed addition and some funky Meters round out the play list...
Next, stow away your soup pot and tea kettle and indulge in a Cuban pork sandwich and a tall glass of lemonade...(if you live in MPLS it's a toss up between Brasa's version and Grand Cafe's...seriously I think I've had at least one a week)...and please Lemonade can you open one in my neck of the woods?

Paint your nails orange fizz, wear some yellow and pretend you are this girl

Finally, ditch the grey & black, throw on that scarf you bought the last time you were in Mexico (actually I scored mine at Mohawk General Store) and crack a Bohemia...

and to keep the party rolling let's start a new recipe exchange - your favorite ways to ditch the cold...smoothies, grapefruits, lemons galore, cocktails, something colorful, lighter, more fun! know the drill...sign up here and I'll link up everyday!! Yeah! Can't the meantime how are keeping cabin fever at bay?
xoxo, M

PS - I think I'm finally getting the hang of Twitter if you just need more of my random thoughts....


  1. So funny, I always feel the urge keep Toots and Maytals in our rotation when we start to get the winter blues and yesterday I had a craving for lemonade serious enough to warrant a trip to the store. I'm doing my best to pretend spring is near, but today's ice storm is definitely testing my imaginative abilities. No more flying for me at this point, but do run off to Palm Springs for me!

  2. You read my mind! I've been loving the winter, as I do every year...until today. 14 inches now and I am itching for spring. We are suckers for anything reggae, being 2 lovebirds who eloped in Jamiaca and all. Toots is always a favorite. I need to kick in some fun and color round here...
    I could contribute my Paella and Sangira recipes? (Ahhhh...just thinking of the beach in Tarifa makes me feel warm all over!) Music? Stay by Dave Matthews Band? My Morning SOng by the Black Crowes? Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes?
    And I would do anything to be in my Havianas and a flowy dress right now...with a tan!
    Stay safe and warm!

  3. Ah, that top photo is stunning. She is so talented with light and a camera.

    And I'm scared of Twitter but I have a feeling I need to get on board soon. Because of course, I'd love to hear more of your random thoughts.

  4. Not much snow, but it gets very gray in the winter up here, so here is my remedy: flowers, flowers and more flowers. Punches of hot pink, peacock blue and tomato red in throughout the house. Vampire Weekend, Bomba Estereo and Old 97s (reminds me of summer road trips!) on heavy rotation. And many nights of fish tacos and bottled Mexican coca cola for dinner!

    Maybe the recipe exchange will finally motivate me to have more than just an About Me section on my blog?! ;)

  5. Texas weather has ruined winter for both of us! Although I am currently loving the fact it's cold/miserable there too*

    *for the next five minutes

  6. I am so done with winter as well. It's not close to be done with us though.

    love your list.

  7. I'm in! I'm not exactly sure how this works because I've never played before but I signed up!


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