Thursday, February 24, 2011

To dye for...

loving all these subtle dyes...
shabd, eskayel, etsy, and etsy

nuff said - headed over to visit Toni at My Mommies Closet - she's whipped up a delicious Chicken Marsala for the recipe exchange...Yum!
xoxo, M

PS - thank you to everyone for your words of wisdom yesterday!! I'm excited to try out everyone's suggestions and looking into using relishrelish...seriously, can I fly y'all up here to spend a nice long weekend at a spa where we can chit chat to our heart's content??  That would be perfection...


  1. wow, that is some awesome wallpaper. love!

  2. The shabd skirt is on the top of my spring wish list...stunning! and those ceramic tumblers are beautiful!

  3. LOVE the top outfit combo with the beautiful cup/vase? Great colors!! I have been meaning to ask you about the awesome necklace that your simple pretty friend has on in her last post? Do you have that in your store? I want to buy it if so...Just want to make sure it is the same one and if you still have it! xx-Jen

  4. Um, I'm going to obsess about this post all weekend. Thanks a lot, lady! I need a bit of each of these photos in my life right this very second.

    P.S. It's supposed to snow at sea level today in California. Guess it's pay back for all that weather gloating I did a few weeks back. Sucks.

  5. That wallpaper is some kind of dreamy. Love it all!
    xo Trina


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