Friday, February 11, 2011

Short & Sweet

Where did this week go friends?   I'm ready to sit down to a pot of Grapefruit Tea (yes, my love affair with all things citrus continues) and a nice relaxing yoga session...(speaking of citrus + tea any NYCers know where Jin Soon gets theirs?)  
Hopefully this weekend will include some quiet time with a good read,  a little romance, a little culture (if you live in MPLS I highly recommend Family Day at the MIA)...
and a little something sweet via Torrie's Cake from the Recipe Exchange (I sure do like that Torrie - if you haven't had the pleasure of checking out her blog please do!)

Some highlights from the week: Lila's first Ballet Class (if you follow me on Twitter you know I almost collapsed from cuteness overload), first parent/teacher conference, wasted half a day playing with my new phone/toy...caught the new Strokes single and listened to a lot of Adele...

Well, blogger seems to have some bugs today but maybe that's the universe telling me to get off the computer and tackle the rest of my to do list -  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead - and fun Vaelentine's plans?
xoxo, M


  1. that grapefruit tea looks divine. thanks for sharing. i'm a lover of all things citrus also (lemon especially!) happy weekend. hope you are feeling well!

  2. Hey- thank you!!! Put a smile on my face =).

    Sooo, I saw your tweet about your phone the other day and laughed, because I just [finally] switched to a smartphone- long overdue. I didn't respond though, cause I got a droid (I heard to get the droid if you're a pc person, which i am! Don't know why I felt the need to disclaim that :).

    OMG- don't you LOOOOOOOVE it!! So fun!

    ...good luck with the to-do's (I'm on the same ship).

  3. that sounds like a delightful weekend. i am still on my jasmine green tea kick. peet's coffee has the best, though pricey, but worth every single penny!


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