Monday, February 28, 2011

Cate, Mila & the Wives...

 Hello Monday!  Did everyone tune in to the Oscar's last night? I have to admit that even for a die hard like moi it was possibly the dullest one I've seen in a while (and a little painful - love ya Annie and James, but as hosts not so much).  The red carpet played it pretty safe as well, although I thought Cate Blanchett absolutely killed it in her fashion forward lavender Givenchy, while Mila Kunis took the same shade in a pretty and feminine direction - both making me swoon!

 The other stunners, for me, on the red carpet were this trio of Hollywood wives - Camila Alves, managing to look both sexy and classy; Rhea Durham in that dreamy nude & red combo and Sunrise Coigney looking just plain cool with the best arm candy of the night to boot...(I meant Mark but those bracelets are pretty rockin too)

 I know there was a lot of love for Gwennie's dress and not so much for Marisa's but I thought the real standouts here were their multicolored gems, no?

 So, who were your favorites? Hailee Steinfeld looking sweet in pale pink? Jennifer Lawrence in her sleek tank dress (for me a little too Baywatch bathing suit but perhaps in a different color)? Sandy B in classic red?

Okay, celeb gawking done...back with some real Spring picks tomorrow...

speaking of warmer weather, we only have 3 more days of our Beat the Winter Blues recipe exchange...Today Danielle of Domestic Dish has put together the most fabulous "chic-nic" - make sure to check it out...I may have to set it up in the living room ;)
xoxo, M


  1. I think I'm signed up for tomorrow, Michelle! I'm not ready today (queen of procrastination, remember? ;) ) But people are welcome to still stop by today for the opposite effect of a sunny recipe--my snow photos are up. :) Tomorrow I'll post some yum!

  2. already changed it, you super speedy girl!

  3. I thought Mila looked divine...not normally a dress I would like but I have a bit of Spring fever and she is just so gorgeous.
    I love Cate B, but I think I am the only person on the planet to hate this dress.
    I thought Jenneifer Hudson loked so fantastic.
    and yes...James and Anne were a bit awkward.

  4. It was an odd show...I found myself falling asleep. And a "chic-nic" indoors is a must!

  5. I missed most of the red carpet and the show. Bummed. But I saw Reese Witherspoon and thought she looked amazing. Loved all of it - hair, make up and dress. And Camilla looked fabulous as well. I love a plunging neckline done in a classy way like that.

  6. Love your favorites! My fav dress of the evening was Cate's as well. I think she is the only one that could have pulled off that dress. your right, that was one dull show and a bit awkward at times.

  7. I mean that show was a dud. Cate saved the day. The best. Hands down. The walk to give the award, the pleats and then her honest reaction to the gross WOLFMAN. Loved it.

  8. Oh I know- so sad that poor James was half asleep. I had such high hopes for him. The whole thing was a bit of a sleeper- including the red carpet. Where were all the celebs? Humph. x

  9. I loved Cate's Givench dress, it's simply a stunner!


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