Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Progress

I'm too embarrassed to post the pictures here but the girls at Revelry put up some before & phase 1 photos of my soon to be office/bedroom spaces...the loft area used to serve as a catchall/junk room/office/guest area and honestly resembled an episode of hoarders (although the before pics were taken in the middle of holiday craziness and I promise at it's absolute worst)...it's such a nice clean space now without anything in it so I'm trying to keep a cool head when deciding on what to put back...having fun dreaming of what the finished space will look like though...this light fixture is on the way and long coveted window shades from Delia...plus really cool wallpaper for one wall by Cavern...would love to find a place for this amazing coral & gold tree paper (via Mrs French), the arteriors lamp is all kinds of awesome and a Hadley Holliday painting is on my someday please wishlist...Thoughts friends?
xoxo, M
ps - Did anyone catch the Dana Carvey SNL this weekend?? Loved the Wayne's World/Church Lady nostalgia trip
pps - apologies from here on out for any and all random nonsensical posts - 30 weeks pregnant is kind of kicking my butt these days (no complaints - all healthy,happy, knock on wood) - just general creakiness, can't wait to get out of these maternity jeans, really I'm going to get bigger?, and OMG my to do list is insane, can I please, please take a nap, I feel like I'm in the weeds 24/7, and only 10 weeks left panic setting in...whew!


  1. The phase 1 photos look amazing! What a great blanks slate! 30 weeks? Wow...time flies.
    Hang in there...

  2. I'm madly in love; I NEED that Anabelle lamp.

    Isn't it amazing how time flies? These babies will be here in no time at all.


  3. i am loving where the space is headed...can't wait to see the after shots!


  4. love these colors! in fact- i'm using this for a client right now


    also lovely as art:)


  5. I tried to publish a comment earlier but it didn't go through. So here's the condenced version. I'm totally inspired by all of your new office decor choices. Beautiful. Can't wait to see the final product and congrats on making it 30 weeks. Huge milestone. Hang in there, mama.

  6. Gorgeous space, and I look forward to seeing how you fill it. What you have selected so far, as inspiration/future buys flows extremely well together. Stylish, colorful (but not bright/harsh), soothing, eloquent, and artistic.

    Keep us updated- both on the room, and how you are doing! I've been wondering how you are feeling... how far along you are, etc!


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