Friday, February 25, 2011

Rock On!

So last week in the run-up to the big event* Sunday night I reminisced about some of my favorite good movies...(*okay I say big event but it looks like it will be me, my DVR and twitter hanging out since the Mr is running off to see Kris Kristofferson & Merle Haggard - okay that's actually lots cooler) 
but since guilty pleasures are a lot more fun I reached back to the first time I can remember watching the Academy Awards and that was in 1985 hoping to catch a glimpse of the Purple One who showed up to accept a best Original Song Oscar...if you can ignore the acting Purple Rain is actually pretty thrilling - the music scenes are totally fantastic...and it forever remains lodged in my memory as the first movie I ever saw with a "dirty" scene (teehee...if my mother only knew!). Plus, now that I live in MPLS I still get a kick out of catching it on VH1 and seeing First Ave & Lake Minnetonka...
So what are your favorite guilty pleasure films? The ones you can't resist getting sucked into? Just to get you about Urban Cowboy with Cissy & Bud? or anyone try to force their preteen nieces into watching Girls Just Want to have Fun with a young SJP?  Never miss a chance to quote Maverick and Ice Man?
Hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead and I'll see you here Monday ready to debate all manner of red carpet couture!
xoxo, M

PS - Looking forward to seeing what Samantha's up to in the kitchen for the recipe exchange - check her out at Vintage Is For Lovers
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  1. "nobody puts baby in a corner."

    "hey, bo-dee"


  2. My boyfriend grew up in Minnetonka and I love to tease him by asking if he has "purfied himself in Lake Minnetonka" (isn't that the Purple Rain quote? I sure hope so, otherwise I've been saying something crazy for years!)

  3. So fun to be a part of your recipe exchange! Sorry for the late post! But I everyone enjoys it this weekend! Wishing you a lovely weekend! Stay warm in this crazy weather! xo Samantha

  4. Dirty Dancing has a special place in my heart. Can't even begin to guess how many times I watched it growing up. Reality Bites was also a comfort to watch during college.

  5. Love your blog! Favorite guilty pleasures... Clueless, Legally Blonde & Christmas Vacation. Oh, and who doesn't love Tom Cruise in Top Gun? So fine. Hope you had a fabulous weekend.


  6. Love Purple Rain, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Dirty Dancing, Oooh- Valley Girls (a favorite), any John Hughes movie, really :).

  7. purple rain is my favorite movie in the world! my parents took out all the racy scenes from VHS to BETA which made me even more curious. and agreed, cate blanchett's dress was THE best!


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