Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Picture

With the Oscars only a week away I've been loading up my Tivo with all the Best Picture nominees that have been running on TCM...Lila got her first glimpse of the Wizard of Oz (yes, I fast forwarded the scary parts), I had a cozy night with my girlhood favorite Gone With the Wind, and spent Valentine's evening with Bogie & Bergman in Casablanca...(ahh the wife of a music critic post kids means lots of solo nights with the telly while he's out at shows)...but my all time, pass the the kleenex box love is Out of Africa...Streep & Redford, the setting, the scenery, the costumes, the SEXY, and the sad...I can never get enough! I must need a viewing soon because I found myself collecting some modern Karen Blixen photos on pinterest...aren't they dreamy??
So what is your favorite oscar winner? Thanks to Carina for the TCM reminder and you can catch the full schedule here...
so many good ones...Annie Hall, 8 1/2, Gigi, All about Eve, North x Northwest still showing!

Now onto my another favorite - the Recipe Exchange! 
Myndi from The Naming of Things is making me so, so happy with her aptly named Sunshine Salad
and here's a quick recap:

Feb 11 - Torrie, a place to share...
Feb 14 - Tina, Bull in a China Shop Mama
Feb 15 - Carina, Nonchalantmom
Feb 17 - Elizabeth, sophisticated pie
Feb 18 - Myndi, The Naming of Things

Thanks ladies!! Have a fantastic weekend everyone and if you are in Minne I'll see you at Rock the Cradle...
xoxo, M


  1. I love the little fort on the couch, that's awesome :)

  2. Mine's (husband) been in school. Although it's online, I must admit- it's kinda nice having extra time to watch movies (love Out of Africa!!), read, internet surf (like I need more of that)!

    Your cookies and couscous are on the agenda for this weekend (a rainy weekend, perfect for baking).

  3. I am loving the tent in the living room and the camping picture! Looks like so much fun..

    New follower here, stop on by :)

  4. Oh, I loved that film! How many times did I watch it in the '80s...For another Africa fix, look up the photo diaries of Dan Eldon, a young (very young) photographer who grew up in Africa and worked for Reuters until he was killed in a riot at 20 while on the job. His photos are amazing and luscious.

    btw my mother got Q the wizard of oz for Christmas. I expected her to be terrified by it (I was when I was small) but instead it instantly became her favorite film. I think we have seen it at least once a day (if not twice) since the holidays. A mixed blessing.

  5. That tent over the couch is super cool. I love that simple closet too. Something just simply pretty about it.

  6. I just feel like I learned lots of new stuff about you in this post. Love it. I've never seen Out of Africa. I remember when my grandma went to see it in the theater and she was raving about it. Not sure why that memory sticks with me but now I really want to rent it. Thanks for reminding me of that.


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