Monday, April 26, 2010

Silver Bells, and Cockel Shells, and little maids all in a row...

Since I'm on my earth day kick I thought I'd add in a few things about Vegetable gardening...last year, after reading animal, vegetable, miracle (which I'm rereading for extra dose of inspiration) I dove in and built 4 3x4 raised beds in my backyard...I layered newspaper in the bottom over my grass (lazy me!) and then alternated potting soil, compost and manure until they were filled...this was by far the most expensive part of the process because I insisted on fancy organic grade soil (Mother Earth Gardens in Mpls)...I then planted a mix of seeds and starter plants and ended up with a giant was a little crazy! I also used wine boxes on my patio for herbs, lettuce etc and I think it's such a cute, simple way to do a liitle bit if you don't have a lot of space...
I stole this idea from a cute book called Garden Anywhere...

My self made boxes are a little ramshackle this year - I'd love to resuscitate them with this kit from Scout Regalia! They do a fantastic patio garden kit too and this could be my fantasy outdoor table...Gorgeous...

Wouldn't these rainboots be so chic to garden in...

and I could really use a new pair of these...hint, hint, mother's day...

Do you garden? What do you like to plant??

Oh, I'm dying to read this too:

Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture


  1. Wow, you're not kidding, that is indeed a jungle of a garden! Thanks for the inspiration at the start of planting season...and reminding me to re-read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

  2. Seriously? First I am jealous of your exceptional style and now the gardening? You were the cool kid in the lunch room, right? I was proud of myself for my little potted herbs! Maybe I will be brave enough to try....

  3. Hi Michelle! I love your garden ideas!! I've been considering a San Francisco rooftop garden of my own... I'm always so jealous at the farmers markets!! xoxo, Richelle

  4. oh you are getting me all inspired to put a little love into my beds... they are pretty sad right now. Although my chives just bloomed and they look quite nice ;).

    love those shears!

  5. I wish I had that garden- so inspiring!

  6. wait, that top photo is your garden??? that's amazing and gorgeous! i'm gearing up to stick my baby tomatoes in the ground this weekend! and cucumbers, and peppers, and more strawberries...yum.


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